Items of interest which may affect your paycheck:

  • Most deductions are transferred and do not require re-enrollment.
  • The contribution being made to a specific College’s foundation is not transferred and requires re-enrollment with the deduction going to the TCSG Foundation.
  • The System Office is on a semi-monthly pay frequency. Pay is issued on the 15th and at the end of each month. Deduction collection patterns change if the sending agency’s payroll was paid monthly. However, the total amount collected each month will not change for any deduction. In the semi-monthly environment, the deductions are collected as follows:
    • on the 15th
      • State Health Insurance
    • At the end of the month
      • Flexible Benefits
      • Charity
      • Parking
    • Each pay period. (The monthly amount is divided into two equal payments for collection each pay period)
      • Health Spending Accounts
      • Savings Plans (401(k), 457)
      • Credit Union
      • Retirement Plans (ERS, TRS, GSEPS)
      • Garnishments
      • Foundation contributions (see above)
      • Valic Annuity – 403(b)
  • Employees who transfer in from another state agency meet with the Human Resources Representative for an orientation meeting. This meeting usually takes place within a day or two of beginning the new job.

Forms – All EmployeesBring all the following completed forms/information with you: