Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service allows you to view and, in certain cases, change data that affects your pay check.

You must have your Employee ID number and password set-up before you can access Self Service. HR will send you your ID number in an e-mail. Once you receive it, you can establish your access. Click here for instructions on how to establish access as well as for regular sign-in procedures.

  • View Only
    • Leave Balances
    • Benefits
    • Pay Checks
    • Compensation History

  • View and change
    Note: After making a change, print 2 copies, deliver one to the HR Coordinator and keep one for your records.
    • Direct Deposit
    • Personal Information
    • Federal and State filing status
    • Voluntary Deductions
  • Request a duplicate Form W-2

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Direct Deposit – Enrolling for the first time

  • Complete the Direct Deposit form
  • Attach a voided check if depositing into a checking account or a savings deposit form if depositing into a savings account
  • Deliver or mail to Payroll

Calculate a Paycheck

  • Net Pay is explained
  • Use the pay check calculator to determine how changes in your gross, tax withholding and/or deductions will impact your net.

Time Sheets

  • Standard Work Week
    • Used by the Hourly Employee or the full-time employee working a standard 40 hour week (8 hours a day for 5 days) or a compressed work week (10 hours a day for 4 days).
  • Flexible Work Week
    • Used by the full-time employee working the alternate work schedule (eight 9 hour days, one 8 hour day with 1 day off in a two week period).

Click here for examples of how to complete the time sheets.

2009 Salary Schedules