The information presented, while not an exact or exhaustive listing, describes the work, performance standards and qualifications typically required of positions or employees in this job. A specific position description or employee performance plan may differ as long as it is consistent with the core Responsibilities, Standards, and Qualifications of that job.These job description titles are NOT current openings. For a complete list of current openings, click here.

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Academic Advisor
Academic Affairs Coordinator
Account Specialist
Accountability Data Analyst
Accountability Specialist
Accountant – Senior
Accounting Director
Accounting Manager
Accounting Technician
Accounts Payable Specialist
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Adjunct Faculty Hourly
Adjunct Faculty Lump Sum
Administrative Assistant I
Administrative Assistant II
Administrative Assistant III
Administrative Assistant to Vice President
Administrative Coordinator
Administrative Operations Specialist
Admissions Assistant
Admissions Coordinator
Admissions Counselor Recruiter
Admissions Director
Adult Education Coordinator
Adult Education Teacher
Apprenticeship Specialist
Assessment Specialist
Assistant Athletic Coach
Assistant to the Commissioner
Athletic Coach
Audio Visual IT Specialist
Bookstore Assistant
Bookstore Manager
Budget Analyst
Business & Industry Services Specialist
Business Analyst
Campus Life Director
Campus Police Chief
Campus Police Chief Assistant
Campus Police Officer
Campus Police Sergeant
Career Advisor
Career Placement and Development Director
Career Transactions Facilitator
Certified Test Administrator
Chief Academic Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Child Enrichment Center Worker
Clerk Duplication
Clerk Operations
Commissioner – Assistant
Commissioner – Deputy
Communications Specialist
Community Relations Director
Conference Coordinator
Continuing Education Director
Copy Center Coordinator
Counseling & Special Services Director
Curriculum Program Specialist
Custodial Supervisor
Customer Care Representative
Data Analyst
Data Center Manager
Data Entry Specialist
Data Management Assistant
Database Administrator
Dean – Academic Affairs
Dean – Associate
Dean – Adult Education
Dean – Enrollment Services
Dean – Student Affairs
Desktop Publisher
Desktop Publisher – Illustrator
Director – Assistant
Distance Education Specialist
Division Chair
Driver’s Education Instructor
Early Education Center Specialist
Editor Associate
Educational Technology Coordinator
Executive Assistant to the Commissioner
Executive Assistant to the President
Executive Director
Executive Director – Administrative Services
Executive Director – Economic Development Program
Executive Director – Legal Services
Executive Director – Senior
Executive Vice President
Facilities – Director
Facilities – Project Manager I
Facilities – Project Manager II
Faculty Credentials Specialist
Federal Work Study
Financial Aid Coordinator
Financial Aid Director
Financial Aid Specialist
Financial Aid Technician
Fiscal Analyst
Food Service Employee
Food Service Manager
General Counsel
GED Chief Examiner
GED Examiner
Grants & Contracts Coordinator
Grants Coordinator
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer Senior
Help Desk Coordinator
Help Desk Technician
High School Coordinator
Human Resources Coordinator
Human Resources Director
Human Resources Officer
Human Resources Technician
Information System Administrator
Information Technology Director
Information Technology Supervisor
Institution Safety Manager
Institution Support Coordinator
Institutional Advancement Director
Institutional Effectiveness Coordinator
Institutional Effectiveness Director
Institutional Effectiveness Specialist
Instructional Aide
Instructional Design Specialist
Instructor – Child Enrichment Center
Instructor – Computer Technology
Instructor – Continuing Education
Instructor – General Core
Instructor – Technical
Interpreter – Sign Language
Inventory Management Specialist
Laboratory Assistant
Legal Services Officer
Library Assistant
Library Services Director
Licensed Counselor
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Technician
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Specialist
Media Specialist
Multimedia Developer – Senior
Operations Director – Evening
Payroll Specialist
Payroll Technician
Police Lieutenant
Procurement Services Officer
Procurement Services Specialist
Program Specialist
Programmer Analyst
Project Assistant
Project Manager
Project Specialist
Property Accountant Specialist
Provost – Associate
Public Relations & Information Director
Purchasing Coordinator
Purchasing Director
Purchasing Manager
Purchasing Technician
Receiving & Distribution Manager
Receiving & Distribution Specialist
Registrar – Assistant
Registrar – Office Assistant
Research Analyst
Research Assistant
Satellite Operations Director
Security Chief
Security Officer
Shipping & Receiving Technician
Software Application Specialist
Special Services Coordinator
State Board Operations Director
Student Affairs Assistant
Student Affairs Coordinator
Student Affairs Director
Student Affairs Specialist
Student Navigator
Systems Administrator
Technical Education Program Coordinator
Technical Illustrator
Technical Prep Coordinator
Technical Support Specialist
Technology Support Specialist
Testing Specialist
Training and Communications Specialist
Training Coordinator
Training Specialist
Transportation Services Driver
Vice President
Vice President – Assistant
Vice President – Community & College Relations
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Vice President for Economic Development
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
Vice President for Student Affairs
Vice President of Administrative Services
Vice President – Satellite Operations
Vice President – Technology
Web Developer
Web Manager
WIA Coordinator
Youth Services Counselor