Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V).

Perkins Feedback

Posted: 1/25/2024

The state of Georgia is updating its State Determined Levels of Performance (SDLPs) for the Perkins V Career Technical Education (CTE) Grant for State Fiscal Year 2025. These are statewide benchmarks. The state of Georgia will have to write an improvement plan if it does not perform to at least 90% of these benchmarks. Technical colleges will have their own benchmarks based on their historical data.

In Perkins V, there are 3 postsecondary measures of Performance:

1P1 (also called P1 in Georgia) – Graduate Placement Rate;

2P1 (or P2) – Concentrator Graduation Rate, where concentrators are those with 12 credit hours in an occupational program, or those completing an occupational program of less than 12 credit hours; and

3P1 (or P3) – Non-traditional Concentration Rate, which is the percentage of concentrators in non-traditional programs of under-represented gender.  A program is non-traditional if one gender comprises less than 25% of the workforce.  That gender is called the under-represented gender.

State Determined Levels of Performance must meet the following requirements under the law:

  1. Be expressed as a percentage;
  2. Require the state to continually make progress towards improving performance of all CTE students, including sub-populations and special populations;
  3. Have been subject to a public comment process; and
  4. Take into account the extent to which the SDLPs advance the goals set forth in the state plan.

These are the proposed State Determined Levels of Performance:

Measure3-year Average PerformanceProposed FY 2025 SDLP

These were developed using the same increase on average performance method that the state used in the previous 4-year plan for Perkins.

The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) is looking for written comments on how these levels

  1. Meet the requirement of the law listed above;
  2. Support the improvement of performance of all CTE concentrators including sub-groups and special populations; and
  3. Support the needs of the local education and business community.

Please use the below form to provide comments within the next 60 days.