The Purchasing Card is a VISA® credit card issued by Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) for the State of Georgia. The Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program streamlines payments for goods and services for State business use by eliminating the administrative burdens and costs associated with traditional methods of payment.

The State of Georgia P-Card Program is the only charge card program authorized for use by all state agencies and the Technical College System of Georgia. The State of Georgia Purchasing Card is the property of the State of Georgia and is only to be used for State business purposes. The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) or individual Technical College (College) is responsible for purchases made with the card, which will then be charged back to the specific Entity’s budget. Although the card is issued in an individual’s name, its use does not affect personal credit in any way. Cardholders should be aware that abuse of the Purchasing Card or failure to follow the procedures established for the TCSG Purchasing Card Program may result in revocation of card privileges or other disciplinary action.

The Purchasing Card Program does not alter DOAS State Purchasing rules and regulations, nor does the program diminish the need for control of expenditures and good record keeping. Rather, the card makes the acquisition process simpler and faster. Please be aware that the written policies for individual Technical colleges may be more restrictivethan the guidelines contained herein.


TCSG Accounting Procedures Manual: State of GA Purchasing Card Program Link(11/19/15)

TCSG Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures Manual:

Statewide Purchasing Card Policy – DOAS:

Statewide Purchasing Cards Program: Statewide Purchasing Cards Program Link