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The Accounting Department is an integral part of the Administrative Services Division of the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG). Accounting personnel must abide by the accounting rules and regulations established by the State of Georgia. They also adhere to the Federal Guidelines that relate to the Federal grants that TCSG administers. 

The Accounting Department’s fundamental sections include, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Institutional Support.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable section is responsible for processing vendor payments and travel requests for the Central Office of TCSG. It is also responsible for recording payments to the twenty-six technical colleges, local school boards and the Board of Regents’ colleges who receive both state and federal funds from TCSG.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable section is responsible for processing deposits, setting up and maintaining receivables and monitoring bank and Treasury balances. It is responsible for requesting reimbursements for federal and state grants, as well as, GSFIC projects. This section also processes ACH payments to the technical colleges and wire transfers to miscellaneous vendors.

Institutional Support

The Institutional Support section provides assistance and guidance to the technical colleges in the area of accounting and in the use of the accounting systems, which include PeopleSoft and Banner. Institutional Support personnel also provide periodic updates of changes in accounting rules and regulations as related to the technical colleges.

The Accounting Department strives to provide exceptional customer service to the Central Office Staff, technical colleges and external customers while fulfilling its support role in the Administrative Service Division of TCSG.

Frequently Requested Forms, Links and Tutorials

Acct. Procedures and Processes

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Instructions for Preparing Financial Statements

Section One

  1. Steps to Create GAAP Beginning Balances
  2. Steps to Prepare GAAP Financial Statements
  3. Steps to Prepare the Statement of Cash Flows
  4. Statement of Net Assets
  5. Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Net Assets
  6. Notes to Financial Statements
  7. Schedule of Expenditure of Federal Awards
  8. Salary, Travel, and Per Diem Reconciliation
  9. Checklist of Reports and Queries to use in preparing GAAP and Budget Financial Statements
  10. TCSG-DOAA Auditor Information Checklist
  11. Bank Contact List for Submission of Bank Collateralization Forms

Section Two

  1. FY 10 Renumbered GAAP Instructions
  2. GAAP Renumbering Crosswalk Prior Entry Number to New Entry Number

Section Three

  1. Notes to Financial Statements - Cash
  2. Notes to Financial Statements - Accounts Receivable
  3. Notes to Financial Statements - Capital Assets
  4. Notes to Financial Statements - Compensated Absences - Long-term Liability
  5. Notes to Financial Statements - Lease Obligations
  6. Notes to Financial Statements - ERS
  7. Notes to Financial Statements - TRS
  8. Notes to Financial Statements - Defined Contributions
  9. Notes to Financial Statements - Health Insurance

Section Four

  1. FY 10 Revenue Mapping
  2. Budget Basis Financial Statement Preparation Guide

Section Five

  1. Instructions for Management's Discussion and Analysis




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